Model Papers: A Jumping Off Point

So, you’ve received your first assignment of the semester, and even though your professor has given you a clear assignment sheet along with a rubric, you still just don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’re required to use a citation style that you’re not quite used to (Turabian, anyone?); maybe your assignment has a fancy title that you don’t really understand (what exactly is a rhetorical analysis?).

Well, never fear! Here at the Writing Center, we are always excited to help you at any stage of the writing process — even if the stage that you’re in is simply figuring out where to begin.

Sometimes, in addition to that assignment sheet and rubric, it helps to be able to reference a model paper. Once you see how someone else has completed your assignment, it can be much easier to figure out how to craft your own work.

To help you out as you work on your own, two of our tutors — Amber and Shannah — have compiled a list of links to model papers that utilize various citation styles, as well as model papers that demonstrate writing within multiple genres.

MLA Samples

English (1)


Annotated Bibliography

Literary Analysis/Analyzing a Text

Personal Narrative 1

Personal Narrative 2


Sample MLA Outline

APA Samples

Psychology & Social Science



Annotated Bibliography

Nursing Practice

Business Proposal

Biology Lab Reports

Biology Lab Reports (2)

Chicago Samples



Annotated Bibliography

CSE Samples


AMA Samples

Sample Paper

Sample Citations

Turabian Samples

Turabian 1

Turabian 2

We hope that these model papers help you out as you’re working on your assignments! Are there any other helpful models on the internet that you’ve referenced while working on a paper? Let us know in the comments!





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